Keep 2 meter distance

Annus horribilis unfortunately continues as probably most people know. The government's new and more stringent measures because of Covid-19 means some changes to Mjlnir's timetable and activities, at least until Thursday 13 August, based on the latest announcement from the Ministry of Health and others involved. As before, we all need to act responsibly, with common sense and patience.

It is necessary to ensure e.g. that no more than 100 people are inside the same space at the same time and that the proximity between people is not shorter than two meters (around 6.5 feet). We ask everyone in Mjlnir to respect this rule.

The good news is that these rules do not apply to children and young people born in 2005 and later. Therefore their training schedule and will not change.

However, due to these rules of proximity (2 meters) all grappling lessons (BJJ) are canceled for those born in 2004 and later. The same goes for all BJJ and MMA Competition Teams practices (note that other MMA classes are in place).

The numbers will be limited at other classes, e.g. Vikingarek, Yoga and Goaafl, and it is absolutely necessary to preregister online at our website. From Wednesday 5 August, there will be a change in the noon hours on weekdays in the Vikingarek. They will be increased to two and start at 11:30 and 12:30 instead of the class what was before at 12:00. This is done for experimental purposes so that the load can be better distributed in these crowded classes.

Other classes, e.g. in MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing will be in place but with a changed format where the two-meter rule is in force. The next days (at least until August 13th) will therefore focus on technical exercises and other things where the two-meter rule can be kept.
Loan equipment in classes will be kept to a minimum due to these circumstances and we therefore encourage our members to bring their own equipment, e.g. boxing gloves, guards, towels, yoga mattresses, etc.

Members should not share equipment with others and remember to spray (disinfect) all equipment well both before and after use.
We also encourage those who can to skip the use of changing rooms and to take shower at home after training. Sauna and the hot and cold tub area will be a closed due to the two-meter rule.

As before, there are clear rules that neither members nor employees may enter Mjlnir if they:

a. Are quarantined.
b. Are in isolation (also while waiting for the result of testing).
c. Have been in isolation due to COVID-19 infection and not 14 days have passed since discharge.
d. Have any symptoms of flu or other illnesses (colds, coughs, fever, headaches, bone pains, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.).
Hopefully all will go back to normal on Friday 14 August.


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Mondays to Thursdays: 07:00 - 22:00
Fridays: 07:00 - 20:00
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Sundays:10:15 - 15:00

Training halls close according to the Timetable when the last class ends, but weight lifting is open Mon.-Thu. until 22:00 (Fri. 20:30).

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