The Ministry of Health's new restrictions rules, which were set last night and will take effect tomorrow, will have little effect on Mjlnir's operations, as we had already three days ago adopted rules on number restrictions that go even further than the regulation. We did this when it became clear that there had been a large increase in Covid infections in the community.

The Ministry's rules stipulate a 1-meter proximity rule and 75% of allowed guests but based on the number of rules we set and are in force, it is possible to always maintain a roughly 2-meter proximity rule if people so choose. We encourage our practitioners to do so as well as to keep a 2-meter proximity rule outside the training areas and of course never less than 1 meter as stipulated in the regulation. According to the regulation, sports exercises with and without contact are allowed, but we go even further and want Mjlnir's rules on disease control to be followed which stipulates that the people in training is "groups are divided into pairs or small groups and members only practice within each group to minimize closeness and proximity." Also, that everyone has "own training equipment (Gi, boxing gloves or other traditional sportswear) and drinking bottles" and that it is not permitted to share equipment with others. We remind everyone to disinfect all exercise equipment both before and after use and also encourage members who can take a shower at home to do so to minimize indoor traffic as much as possible until the frequency of infection in the community has decreased. We have gone through harder times and stricter restrictions and will overcome this too for sure.


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Training halls close according to the Timetable when the last class ends, but weight lifting is open Mon.-Thu. until 22:00 (Fri. 20:30).

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