Weight room rules

Training are now being opened in Gryfjan (weight room) for members in Mjlnir. Due to the limited number of hours available and number restrictions for people, everyone must pre-register for 50 minutes in the room through our Stara online registration system. Those in personal training need to do the same. However, coaches do not have to pre-register (unless they are training) and now all training in Gryfjan are pre-determined times, ie. on the hour. Each time is 50 minutes, so everyone has to leave Gryfjan for 10 minutes before the next hour begins.

Please note that you can only attend during the time offered in the login system, that is if they are not fully booked, but you can never go directly to Gryfjan without registering. Some hours during the day are booked in advance (eg for the competition teams) and are not in the registration system for practitioners.

It is also not allowed to book two hours in a row. According to the Epidemiologist's guidelines for the operation of health and fitness centers for COVID-19, each time in the gym may be "a maximum of 60 minutes and the presence of each gym member in the house shall not exceed 90 minutes." So unfortunately, members are not permitted to book for two hours in a row.

We remind you of the importance of infection control and disinfecting each equipment before and after use as well as yourself. Do not move between devices during exercise and therefore only use one device at a time. The cardio equipment has been moved to Niflheimar (under the Vkingarek hall Hel) and it is now part of Gryfjan during this covid condition.

We also point out that changing rooms have been divided into 3 compartments according to the class taken and we ask practitioners to respect those compartments, but information about the compartments can be found on the stand in each compartment. However, we encourage member not to use the changing rooms if they can avoid is or to limit their presence there to a maximum of 15 minutes (to shower and change). We also remind you of the two-meter rule and to use a mask when not in training or in the shower.


Mjolnir MMA

Flugvallarvegur 3-3a
102 Reykjavik

+354 534 4455


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 06:15 - 22:00
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 07:00 - 22:00
Saturdays:08:45 - 14:00
Sundays:10:15 - 15:00

Training halls close according to the Timetable when the last class ends, but weight lifting is open Mon.-Thu. until 22:00 (Fri. 20:30).

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